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OBSKUR is the first broadcasting software built on Unreal Engine 5 with seamless integration making it easier than ever to build a successful stream.

Harness The Power of Unreal Engine 5

Unleash your creativity with our easy to use 3D scene creator. Create limitless, dynamic environments with top-tier rendering, real-time lighting, and animations.

Character Creator

OBSKUR's Character Creator allows you to easily create and use your own VTuber model. It eliminates the need for technical skills, reducing the time and cost to become a VTuber. Create a compelling character in minutes with hundreds of customizations and algorithms. Now you can focus on building an audience instead of a character.


User-Generated Content Marketplace

User-generated content increases the amount of quality assets available on the OBSKUR marketplace. Now you can create a unique look for your stream by downloading the work of passionate artists from around the world. If you're an artist you can upload your content to share your work with the streaming community. Support your favorite artists and make your stream unreal.

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Stream Analytics

Stream Analytics provides in-depth insights into key metrics such as retention, impressions, click-through rate, watch time, key spike, and drop-off moments. It also compares you to other content creators with similar audiences, stream schedules, and common categories.

Boost Audience Interactivity & Revenue

Easily create custom 3D, physics-enabled interactions and use the OBSKUR Twitch Extension to interact with your audience in new unique ways, increasing engagement and boosting monetization opportunities.

Flexible Streaming Options

Stream IRL from your webcam or as a VTuber and take it to the next level by inserting yourself in a 3D environment. Edit materials, particle effects, and props to easily make a 3D scene. Integrates with iPhone or VMCP face tracking.

VRM Character Importer

Seamlessly bring in your own VTuber model with all of the features you're used to and more.

Mocap Made Easy

Add motion to your avatar with OBSKUR's complete Mocap set powered by Xsens & StretchSense.

Including 9 Xsens sensors and new comfortable, washable StretchSense gloves. Up to 12 hours battery life for those long streams. OBSKUR also integrates with other leading mocap hardware.

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More Features

High quality interactions, Worlds, clothing, and other 3D assets to add to your stream.
Stream Deck
Take full control of your broadcast with our streamdeck integration.
Audio mixer with built in DSP
Easily control your global and local audio sources.
JSON Import
Import your setup from human readable json files such as OBS and Streamlabs exports.
Reliable recording
Record to MP4 without corruption. Even if you crash
Source docking
Don't hide your sources in the void. Put them in our dock and trigger them with hotkeys or your streamdeck.
Existing themes and widgets from streamelements
Use your existing themes, widgets, and alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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