How to set up Interactions in OBSKUR

Published 11/16/2023

This Video will walk you through how to set up interactions in your streams.

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Video Transcript

0:00 How to set up interactions for your stream.

0:02 First, let's install the Obscure Twitch extension.

0:05 Go to your Twitch profile, create your dashboard extensions, then search for Obscure in the search bar.

0:11 Click Add to activate the extension Set as component one or two.

0:16 The Add button will then turn Gray and say Added.

0:20 When your stream is live, the extension will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

0:24 Click the icon, then get started.

0:27 If no interactions have been added, this area will be empty.

0:31 So let's go ahead and add some interactions.

0:34 Go into the Obscure app and add a new scene.

0:37 Now add an environment source.

0:39 We're going to Scroll down and add the bedroom.

0:42 Let's add an interaction that we downloaded from the marketplace to the current scene.

0:47 We can change where the interaction occurs by going to the Environments tab, dragging the Interaction set point, in this case onto the bed, and positioning it however we'd like.

0:58 Back in the Interactions tab, add the interaction and then modify any details you'd like to change.

1:04 Notice that it's on the active camera.

1:06 This is the current camera selected in the Broadcast tab.

1:09 If we preview the interaction, it's going to work on that camera.

1:13 We'll click the interaction we added and then change the Target point to the interaction target point and save the change.

1:21 Once set, it'll appear on the bed when your viewers go to redeem this interaction on your stream.