The Interactions Tab

Published 12/12/2023

Learn how to set up interactions in OBSKUR and have your viewers participate in your live stream.

Interactions help viewers be part of your stream and create memorable moments.

Full Video Transcript is below.

Video Transcript

0:00 Welcome to the Interaction tab.

0:02 This is where you will set up interactions that can be triggered through the OBSKUR Twitch extension and play directly in your environments, making interactions like this, like this or like this all triggered by your live stream viewers in real time while you're live.

0:19 If you're looking for a quick start or an overall getting started video on OBSKUR, please see either of these videos.

0:27 In this video we're going to learn about OBSKUR's Interaction tab and section of the application.

0:33 If you would like to follow a detailed guide about environments using characters or V Tubers, broadcast or the Marketplace, please click on the links in the help page.

0:43 Please note at this time our built in interaction system only works with Twitch, and currently our interactions only work with scenes that have an environment which we'll talk about later in the guide.

0:55 To allow your community to easily activate and redeem your interactions, we're going to need to install our custom Twitch extension which you can access by going to Twitch, then going to your dashboard, going to extensions, and searching for OBSKUR.

1:12 Once you add the extension you will get to a new window.

1:15 Make sure to set OBSKUR as either Component One or Component 2.

1:21 Go back to your own Twitch page.

1:24 Now that you're back on your own Twitch page, you will have a new Twitch extension on your Twitch channel.

1:30 When you're live, your community will be able to use the OBSKUR Interaction Extension to redeem interactions that you've set up.

1:37 If no interactions have been added, this area will be empty.

1:41 We're going to end our stream for now since we have not set up our interactions.

1:45 So let's go to the Broadcast tab in OBSKUR To set up alerts and interactions that work with our Twitch extension, switch back to the OBSKUR application.

1:54 We're going to add an alert source.

1:57 You can add the alert source in the Sources window.

2:00 OBSKUR's alert source will have a small pop up for Twitch events and OBSKUR interactions.

2:05 You can use this source to show any Twitch or OBSKUR redemptions on your live stream.

2:12 Now to use interactions that your community can redeem from the extension, we need to get some interactions from the marketplace.

2:19 In the marketplace, we will have access to download what we need to create interactions.

2:24 In order to make use of OBSKUR's interactions, you need to have two things, a 3D environment and some of OBSKUR's interactions.

2:33 All of our interactions are free to use and download.

2:36 Feel free to download any you find interesting.

2:38 In this case, we're going to download the Flame Hearts and Fart interactions.

2:44 Now that we have our interactions, we're going to need an environment to place them into.

2:48 Our environments may vary in price, but some are available for free.

2:53 We're going to download the free environment Gamer Room Zeus.

2:56 This is one of the furnished environments which come with props already there.

3:01 Once your interactions and environment are downloaded, we're going to set up the environment to work with our interactions.

3:09 Now we're going to switch to the Environment tab and use the environment we downloaded.

3:14 Press the Plus Environment button to add a new environment.

3:18 Select Gamer Room Zeus and then name the environment we're going to.

3:24 Name our environment Cosy Gamer Room, and then press Create Environment.

3:29 Now let's open the environment we just created as a quick review about moving around in the environment, hold the right mouse button and move your mouse to look around.

3:39 While holding the right mouse button, use the WASD keys to move around and the QE keys to move up and down.

3:49 Any object in this environment can be freely moved, rotated, or scaled.

3:54 Left Click to select an asset, hit the spacebar, or use the top right buttons to switch between moving, rotating, or scaling the asset.

4:03 All of these options are also available in the Asset details menu.

4:08 To add an interaction in the environment, drag the interaction target point from the inventory and put it on the floor.

4:16 Rename the interaction target point to Interaction on Floor so we can find it later.

4:22 Interactions by default happen on whatever the active camera is in the Environments tab and won't use the target points.

4:30 We can choose to have an interaction happen at a target point for more control over our interactions.

4:36 Since we want to have our interactions happen at the target point that we added to the environment, we'll have to go to the Interactions tab, click Save, and head to the Interactions tab.

4:47 In the Interactions tab, add the Flame, Heart, and Fart interactions we downloaded from the marketplace into our current scene.

4:56 Note, only scenes and visible environments will be able to show when interactions are activated.

5:02 The current scene automatically links to whatever scene we have active in our Broadcast tab, which in this case is Scene 1.

5:11 We only recommend using the current scene if you know all of your active scenes will have an environment source in them.

5:18 Since we're only going to have an environment source in scene one, we're going to set up the interaction to only activate in scene one.

5:27 We need to make sure later we add an environment source to scene one after we're finished setting up our interaction setting.

5:33 In the future, if we want an interaction to play in the same place in the environments across all scenes in the Broadcast tab, then we would go to add it to Global.

5:45 If we click the Preview button on one of the interactions, we'll notice that it plays on the active camera, which is the same camera angle we have active in the Environments tab.

5:56 Click on each of these interactions and in the Details panel, change the Target point to the interaction on floor target point that we've added in the environment and click Save Changes.

6:11 Now if we hit Preview, we'll notice that the interaction plays at the target point we set up.

6:18 In the Details panel of these interactions, we can change various settings and set the bits price for our audience to redeem.

6:25 You can set the coin value to whatever price you want to.

6:29 Today we're going to set the coin price to 0 so these can be redeemed by our viewers for free.

6:34 Before we can get started using OBSKUR's interactions, we just need to take one more step.

6:39 Remember, interactions will only show on active scenes with environments in them, so we're going to switch back to the Broadcast tab.

6:48 We are going to have to add an environment source to the scene we want to have our interactions activate.

6:54 In this case, we're going to add an environment to scene 1.

6:57 Going to scene one, we're going to add a source, select an environment source, and then select the cozy gamer room we created earlier.

7:07 Now that everything is almost set up, you can close the environment.

7:10 This will save you on computer resources in the future.

7:14 If you want to adjust the target for each environment, make sure you have the environment open in the Environment tab before changing the settings in the Interaction tab.

7:23 Now we're all set up and we're ready to go.

7:25 Now when you go live, your community and viewers will be able to use the extension and redeem any interactions that associated with the active scene.

7:34 Remember, you can only have interactions visible on scenes with an environment, so we only added our interactions to scene one with our environment.

7:42 If we switch to scene 2, you will see that all the interactions in the extension for the viewer vanish, meaning they cannot redeem something that cannot be shown.

7:53 And when you're active on a scene with interactions, they'll be able to redeem any interactions available for that scene.

8:03 For more helpful videos, be sure to check out the Knowledge Base in the Help tab and join the official OBSKUR Discord.