The Marketplace Tab

Published 12/12/2023

Learn all about the OBSKUR Marketplace and purchasing assets, environments and other unique items to create a personalized stream.

The Marketplace has everything you need to set up your broadcast!

Please find the full transcription below.

Video Transcript

0:00 OBSKUR Features a marketplace that comes with Interactions, Scene Assets, and Environments.

0:07 Everything available from the Marketplace works with the Environment tab or the Interactions tab.

0:12 For more information on those tabs specifically, please see the Help tab or videos directly related to them.

0:19 Interactions are available for free and allow your audience to interact with your 3D environment while you're streaming.

0:27 Scene assets are specific 3D assets you can use to decorate 3D environments.

0:33 Environments are entire sets or areas which can be decorated and used to create 3D scenes.

0:40 Find something you like in the marketplace either by browsing or typing in the search bar.

0:45 You will see the amount of coins it will cost to purchase the item from the marketplace.

0:50 Clicking on an individual item will provide more detailed images as well as information about the item.

0:58 You will have the option of purchasing the item or re-downloading and installing an item you have already purchased.

1:06 All items in the marketplace can be purchased using VRTS credits.

1:11 On the top right you'll find your wallet.

1:13 The wallet shows your VRTC credit amount and when clicked on, shows your transaction history and all items you either download for free or purchase using our VRTS.

1:24 Credits will be viewable in your inventory in the Marketplace.

1:28 Deleting an item will free up space on your computer, but will not remove the item from your inventory.

1:34 If you want to redownload the item you either previously deleted or have yet to download, you can press the Download button for each item you wish to download.

1:44 Clicking on the Interactions section of the Marketplace, you'll see all of the available interactions and all of the subcategories of our interactions.

1:53 The Interactions created by OBSKUR are available for free, so you can download as many as you want.

1:59 Video overlay are effects that take up the whole screen.

2:04 Environment Modifier are effects that mainly change aspects of the environment in 3D space.

2:10 Surprise has a fun, surprising, unexpected element to them.

2:16 Particle FX creates A particle based effect which lingers in the environment.

2:21 Camera filter is an effect that changes how the scene is perceived.

2:26 All of the interactions require the use of an environment and can have their settings adjusted In the environment tab.

2:34 The audience interaction will require you to download the Twitch extension.

2:38 For more information about how to set up the Twitch extension, you can see our Interactions video, Quick Start Video, or our Getting Started video.

2:48 Scene assets are 3D objects used to decorate and populate an environment.

2:53 Anything from beach balls to coffee mugs and desks.

2:57 There are hundreds of assets to browse through.

3:00 All of the scene assets that you purchase and download will be available for use in the Environment tab.

3:06 You can see the scene assets available for use in the inventory of the Environments tab.

3:12 Once you open up an environment, you can click and drag any of your Purchase Scene assets into your environment to decorate and create an environment to your liking.

3:23 These are fully furnished environments for us to download and customize to our liking, such as The OBSKUR Room - Midas.

3:31 All individually available scene assets included in downloaded environments will be added to our inventory, letting us use them in other environments.

3:41 Furnished environments come bundled with scene assets can be moved, removed or replaced.

3:48 The main purpose of the furnished environment is to give a good starting point to use and get started right away.

3:55 Alternatively, you can use non furnished environments to decorate with assets you already own.

4:01 For more helpful videos, be sure to check out the Knowledge base in the Help tab or join the official OBSKUR Discord.