OBSKUR Mocap Getting Started

Published 1/3/2024

Getting Started with OBSKUR Mocap

Just imagine how easy it would be to wake up, throw some sensors on, and start your stream if everything was controlled in one super easy app. Stop dreamin’, cause the box to your digital future is right here!

Initial Setup (Sensors and Gloves)

Let’s start by setting up your new OBSKUR Sensors and Gloves.

The Mocap Box

The Mocap Box is like an onion, it’s got layers. The box is made up of three sections- the Black Box with Sensors, the White Box with Gloves, and the bottom with accessories. Start with the Black Box with Sensors. Slide the sleeve off of the tray, then pull the Sensor tray up. Find the Sensor Receiver and plug that into a front facing USB Type-A. This is a directional receiver, and we want it pointing towards us.

Next, open the white Box with the Gloves. Slide the sleeve off of the box, remove the foam insert and the gloves, setting them aside. Plug the Gloves Receiver into a front facing USB Type-A, too. Same idea.

The Character Tab

In OBSKUR, we’re going to the Character Tab. We’re going through the Setup process, so Start Setup. Turn on only the Left Hand (Hand L) Sensor. Flip the Sensor over and look at the last three letters of the Serial Number. In the dropdown menu next to Hand L, make sure the serial in the dropdown matches the serial on the back of the Sensor. Repeat this process for all body locations.

The Sensor Status will show you the connection as you turn them on and associate them. (Hint: if the signal is mostly red or yellow, try adjusting the Sensor Receiver or changing the Channel to 15, 20, 24, or 25 for best results).

The Put on Sensors step illustrates where each Strap needs to be positioned. Underneath the Black Sensor Box and the White Gloves box is a tray with three bags. The smallest bag is a set of eight octagonal Sticky Pads. The other small bag has the Headband. The biggest bag has the Straps that hold the Sensors to your body. There are six Straps- two long, two medium, and two short. The two Long Straps go around your mid hips (for the PELV Sensor) and underneath your chest muscles (for the STERN Sensor). The Medium Straps wrap around your upper arms (for the uARM L Sensor and the uARM R Sensor). The Short Straps wrap around your wrist (for the fARM L Sensor and the fARM R Sensor). Each strap is held in place by an octagonal Sticky Pad- these are removable and readjustable.

The Gloves in the White Box slip onto your hands. There is a mount on top of each glove for the HAND L Sensor and the HAND R Sensor.

Put each HAND Sensor in the mount for the Glove. HAND L will go on the left glove, and HAND R will go on the right glove. Put the fARM Sensors on the forearm on the matching side, left and right. The uARM Sensors will also go on their matching side of the body. Put the Head Sensor into the pocket on the headband. Put the PELV Sensor in the middle of the back of the hip strap, placed vertically with the OBSKUR Mascot PIX’s face upright. The STERN Sensor sits in the middle of front of the chest strap.

Once you have the Sensors and Gloves on, continue in the Setup to Body Dimensions. Make sure to set your honest height and shoe length. It’s weird, but it’s part of The Secret Sauce that makes you move.


Calibration is a very specific process, so read through and practice this section before trying it. Start by facing a good direction to walk in. Stand relaxed and comfortably, with weight distributed evenly between both legs, and arms stiffly straight to your sides. When prompted, begin walking in a Figure 8 pattern. Make sure that you have enough space to take comfortable strides; just make sure you return to where you started, facing the same direction. Don’t worry- there are also audio cues to guide you. Once you get Good Results, walk around a few moments more to help wake up the Sensors, then return to your chair and hit Finish.

Select Reset Forward Position if the character is facing away from you.

Now, let’s setup the Gloves. Go to the Gloves Tab. Each Glove Calibrates independently. Calibrate the glove by following the prompts for hand poses. Pay special attention to what position the thumb is in. Each pose will automatically move forward once it is registered.

Once the Gloves are calibrated, the body and hands should be moving in the Characters Tab.

That’s it!

Wanna do even more like uploading your own model, adding Twitch Interactions, or even getting new Environments? Check out our Discord here for our Knowledge Base or ask questions to our community in the Community Support Discussions!



  • For best performance, charge the Sensors for at least an hour before use.
  • The Sensors don’t connect. Check to see if the Sensor is turned on. Turn the Sensor on, then off, then on again to put it into Pairing Mode. The Sensor should blink in sync with the Sensor Receiver when it has found the receiver. Change the channel to 15, 20, 24, or 25 for better signal
  • Sensor doesn’t show any battery level. Sensors will only show battery once all nine are connected.
  • Sensors calibrated to Poor. When standing still in pose, keep your hands to the outside of your thighs. Walk around will complete, comfortable strides. Do not perform the calibration in areas that you need to maneuver around objects- use an open area. Walk naturally with your head up without looking down at your feet as you walk.
  • Character is turned to the side. At the end of calibration, when asked to return to the start position, remember to face the same direction that you started.
  • Character’s arms cross after calibration. Redo the calibration in an area that you can walk and swing your arms naturally.


  • For best performance, charge the Gloves an hour before use.
  • Gloves don’t turn on. Charge the gloves using the provided charging cables.
  • Hand poses seem stiff. Redo the calibration, paying close attention to the position of the fingers in the images. Do not readjust the poses for comfort during calibration.
  • Gloves don’t show in the Gloves Window. Reseat the Gloves Module by pressing the button at the knuckle side of the module, and pulling gently. When replacing, it will click into place. Alternatively, re-pair the Gloves to the Receiver: Hold the Gloves Receiver button down until it turns Red. Hold the button on the Glove until it turns Green, then slow blinking blue. Once the LED is blinking slow blue, hold it to the Gloves Receiver until the light changes to Blue / Green. Once both Gloves have been paired, the LED light will be solid Green.