OBSKUR Quickstart Guide

Published 12/12/2023

This video will walk you through how to get started using OBSKUR. This guide will use our templates which you can download below:

  1. Webcam Environment Template
  2. Webcam Template
  3. Vtuber Environment Template
  4. Vtuber Template
Video Transcript

0:00 In this video we're going to show you how you can quickly and easily get started using OBSKUR to record or stream content.

0:07 This is a quick start video.

0:09 If you would like a step by step video with more details and explanation, please see our Getting Started video linked here.

0:17 For this quick start guide we're going to be using the templates that are available to download.

0:22 Using these templates will allow you to get started using obscure quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.

0:29 There are 4 templates available for download, two of which use your IRL webcam and the other two of a VTubing avatar.

0:37 All four of these templates are set up the same in terms of how you would use them for streaming or content creation.

0:43 Once you download one of the templates you can open them like this.

0:49 Our templates are using a nested scene approach.

0:52 This keeps your main scenes you'll be using while recording or streaming.

0:56 Clean and easy to manage.

0:58 An additional benefit is that when you make changes to your sources like webcams or capture cards, it will not ruin other scenes you have previously set up while making content or recording.

1:09 You will only be using these four scenes starting soon.

1:13 Just chatting, gaming, browsing and BRB.

1:18 If you want to make any changes to things you are capturing, alert sources or your camera V tuber, you can do this in the studio mode while live or recording like this or while offline like this.

1:32 Note when you make changes to these sources, they will universally apply to all the other scenes which use these scenes as sources.

1:43 With all of the templates their setup and layout are the same but they lack one thing, your own personal touch.

1:50 In the alert scene you can add any browser sources you already have like this in the Just chatting BRB or starting soon you can add text or media like this in the capture scene.

2:05 By default we set the capture to capture your display, but here you can add any game sources, windows sources, or capture card sources to use our built in Interactions.

2:18 Go to your Twitch dashboard, go to Extensions, Search, OBSKUR, then add the OBSKUR extension to your stream.

2:28 In OBSKUR, go to the Marketplace tab and download any of the interactions you want.

2:34 They're free.

2:36 Go to the Marketplace tab.

2:38 Download the gamer room Zeus.

2:42 Open the environment, add a source display and move it into place.

2:50 In the details select your webcam you want to use and you can add a Chroma Key.

2:56 Add Interaction into your environment and name it Interaction.

3:02 Save and close.

3:04 Then go to the Interaction tab and set the interactions to the interaction point we just made.

3:10 This tells where the interaction needs to happen.

3:14 Once set, it'll appear when your viewers go to redeem this interaction on your stream.

3:19 The vtuber template comes set up with a default model.

3:23 If you want to use your own custom model, you can go to the Character tab, import your own VRM model.

3:30 In this case, we're using the Remy model by Cam.

3:35 Don't forget to set up VMC tracking, iPhone tracking, or OBSKUR Mocap tracking.

3:42 Now you're set up and ready to start VTubing.

3:47 Now we're going to set up a VTuber in an environment based on what we learned previously.

3:51 Go to the Marketplace tab, download the Gamer room, Zeus, open the environment, select the chair already in the environment and delete it.

4:02 Add a character source and move it into place.

4:06 You can set up interactions just like how we did previously.

4:09 All we need to do now is add our audio sources.

4:13 OBSKUR gives us the option to add audio sources as global or local.

4:17 A global audio source will remain the same for all scenes.

4:21 Local audio sources only apply to our current scene.

4:25 Let's add our system audio and mic as local audio sources in our Just Chatting and Gaming browsing scenes.

4:35 Once we set the stream title and gain details in the Broadcast tab, we're ready to stream.

4:41 Congratulations on your new stream setup with Obscure.

4:44 Make sure to save your project and when you're ready, click the stream button to go live on Twitch.

4:53 If you want a more detailed walkthrough on how to set up obscure, please see our getting started guide or join the Discord Happy content creation.