[Patch Notes] OBSKUR v3351

Published 9/25/2023

We’re excited to bring you the latest patch of OBSKUR (v3351)! We’ve been focusing incredibly focused on the stability of the app- you’ll notice some marked improvements in the performance overall and with various features with this update. We appreciate how much you’ve communicated and stayed with us!

As a team, we’re also looking at the requests and suggestions that come through- either from conversations or from ⁠suggestions . (Remember to read the channel topic to use this correctly.) The Dev team is taking these suggestions into consideration, and it working through which ones are viable, we have the resources for, and would provide the most benefit. In short- we’re listening! If there’s something missing that would make streaming easier, let us know.

To join us in more conversation, there’s also the ⁠optional-roles. Just like the OBSKUR App and Hardware, we’re always looking to improve. If there’s a channel that you think we should have or a topic place to discuss something, let us know.


New or Improved Features:

  • Custom RTMP (for streaming to alternate locations like YT or Kick) has been improved greatly! (Please note that Stream Chat
  • currently is set to only work for Twitch, but will be coming in the future.)
  • Overall performance improvements for The Mocap Box (Hardware).
  • Added workflow for Streaming with just an iPhone for face tracking and a simulated body.
  • Added Mirroring for the face.
  • Added Standing Options / Relaxed Shoulders for Characters- standing for everyone!
  • Better Support for Webcams (including Virtual Camera inputs)
  • Better support for VRM Imports
  • Added Alerts to Interactions Sources, to pull directly from Twitch. (Currently only Twitch.)
  • Video Playback Performance is updated, as well as we added an option for GPU decoding. (With more improvements coming.)
  • Improvements to the Greenscreen filter, both in the Broadcast Tab and in the Environments Tab when chroma keying a source.
  • Spout 2 has fuller support and now an icon in Sources!\
  • Improved Encoding quality for a variety of systems.
  • Reworked OBSKUR to have better overall performance improvements. (This is ongoing, but should be a marked difference.)
  • Marketplace OBSKUR provided Environments and Character Tab overall performance improvements.
  • Plane, Cube, and Sphere now have so many more Details! Add textures and adjust more basic material settings.

Marketplace Additions:

  • Gamer Room (Zeus) - FREE
  • Gamer Room (Hermes) - FREE
  • Polar Scifi (Zeus) - FREE

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved or corrected the Audio Sources, for a variety of systems.
  • Corrected on launch issues that caused OBSKUR to crash without allowing login.
  • Reworked our pre-requisite installer, to make installation smoother.
  • Corrected a few grammar mistakes. Heheh. Whoops.

Upcoming Features:

  • VRM Expression Toggles.
  • Help Tab within the OBSKUR App for tutorials and tips.