Importing VRMs

Published 12/13/2023

OBSKUR allows for VRM Importing for 3D VTuber Models. You can import your own VRM file.

At this time, OBSKUR is compatible with standard VRM models.

Please find the full transcription below.

Video Transcript

0:01 OBSKUR allows VTubers to import their own 3D models.

0:05 Currently, OBSKUR is compatible with standard VRM models.

0:09 To learn more about VRM models, you can visit these sites.

0:13 Here is a website with information about the VRM 3D model format.

0:18 You can convert your model to VRM using this Blender plugin.

0:22 Alternatively, you can use Vroid Studio Character Creator which exports VRM models.

0:29 To import a VRM model, press the Character button on the left side in the Character tab.

0:35 Here you will see all previously imported VRM models.

0:39 If at any time you wish to use the default model, you can press the Default Model button at the bottom of the character window.

0:47 Let's import a VRM model.

0:49 We're going to be importing A premade VRM model Remy by Cam.

0:54 When you import a VRM model, you will see the relevant license information provided by the model creator.

1:01 Once you agree to the license terms, the model will proceed to import into OBSKUR.

1:07 When your model is imported for the first time, it will automatically load.

1:12 If you ever need to switch to a different imported model, you can select the model in the character window.

1:19 If at any time you wish to review the license for your model, find your imported model thumbnail and press the I Info icon.

1:26 Also, if you ever want to remove a model from OBSKUR on the thumbnail, press the X icon.

1:33 Future VRM functionality is currently being expanded.

1:37 Look forward to these upcoming features.

1:40 Expression toggles, Material Adjustment, Expanded Motion Capture Support.

1:46 For more helpful videos, such as how to get started using OBSKUR Mocap, or if you want to know how to get started streaming or making content with the VTuber model using OBSKUR, be sure to check out the Knowledge Base in the Help tab and join the official OBSKUR Discord.