[Patch Notes] OBSKUR v3460

Published 10/11/2023

OBSKUR (v3460) is now live!

We’ve heard you, and we’re introducing VRM Expression Toggles / Blendshape Clips! Do more with your Character, Props and Costumes while streaming with OBSKUR. If you already have a Leap Motion, you can now use it to drive your Character. We’ve also added Sound Interactions - you can trigger custom, redeemable sounds play in your Environments, from the Twitch OBSKUR extension.

To join us in more conversation, there’s also the [#optional-roles]. Just like the OBSKUR App and Hardware, we’re always looking to improve. If there’s a channel that you think we should have or a topic place to discuss something, let us know!

New or Improved Features:

  • VRM Expression Toggles / Blendshape Clips
  • Native Leap Motion Integration
  • Play Sound Interactions added
  • Help Tab within the OBSKUR App for tutorials and tips
  • Additional Resolutions in Stream Output
  • Added FOV to Camera Details in the Environments
  • Improved Support for NVidia broadcast as a Virtual Camera Input
  • Improved Support for Elgato capture cards
  • Support for Synced audio/video capture
  • Nested Scene Sources Capture Audio
  • Improved undo/redo
  • Improved video source performance
  • Improved on Environment Inventory Management
  • Added Body Mirror option in the Character Tab

Marketplace Additions:

  • Pumpkins PIX Flavored Pumpkin Spice
  • Jungle Environment
  • Jungle Assets

Over the month of October, we will slowly be releasing more oopy spoopy items into the Marketplace! Keep an eye out to see what sneaks into the Marketplace, and maybe even into your Inventory! Want to see a specific type of asset in the Marketplace? Let us know in #suggestions !

Bug Fixes:

  • Webcam Sources remaining the same between Scene changes
  • Crash fixes concerning Webcam Sources
  • 5 Band EQ fixes for nicer audio experience.
  • Webcams and Spout now work in Environments
  • Audio Enabled for Webcam Sources
  • Audio Leak Fixed
  • Image Imports no longer distort on import
  • Gamma Fix for Webcams
  • Removed Unused Maps

Upcoming Features:

  • Oopy Spoopy Marketplace Drops throughout October!