[Patch Notes] OBSKUR v3823

Published 11/14/2023

OBSKUR (v3823) is now live!

It seems you really love the Character Creator! Thank you all for trying it and making amazing creations, and tagging us with #OBSKURme so that we can see them. They’ve been awesome. We also want to thank you for your feedback on the Character Creator- much of it has contributed to this latest patch.

There’s been some updates to the Character Creator: sliders to adjust the size of the 3D Adjustment handles. Scaling those handles should make it easier to use the Character Creator on larger monitors! Also, no more grey hair in scenes- we figured out how to dye all the hair, instead of just half the head. :P

Recently, we’ve also had some reports of connection issues and with the encoders, so the team has been working hard to improve those encoders for stability.

As always, we would love to see what you make in OBSKUR! Show us your Environments, Characters, and Creations in ⁠OBSKUR⁠community-general, and we might feature it in the Community Spotlight!

New or Improved Features:

  • Default hide LiveLink IP. Added a checkbox to choose to show IP.
  • Improved live stream stream encoder stability and resource consumption
  • The Character Creator Beta:
    • Added 3D Adjustment Handle scaling
    • Improved eye and eyebrow face shapes
    • Added bald option for hair
    • Added scalp color option
    • Added hair material options
    • Added Shadeless Mode, which produces no shadows

Bug Fixes:

  • Character Creator UI fixes and improvements:
    • Added a fix for Character Creator crashing
    • Fixed issues with saving eyelash and textile material settings
    • Fixed mouth X tracking issues
    • Fixed scalp showing through some hair models
    • Fixed hair material showing as grey in some environments
    • Fixed sliders lagging while being dragged
  • Fixed Nvenc not working on slightly older drivers causing streaming to not work properly
  • Fix VOD audio channel when streaming to Twitch causing a chipmunk effect only during the VOD
  • Fixed camera and rotation offset of the character
  • Fixed error with browser source moving in Broadcast Tab
  • Fixed right index finger bend on VMC
  • Fixed Spout2 sizing issue

Upcoming Features:

  • Game Source
  • Stream Deck Integration

Thank you to our Community for Contributing to our Success! *Improvements and bug fixes are made possible by our lovely community members! We greatly appreciate your time and dedication. You made these bug fixes possible: *

Cel, Chris (ETWJ), Clawmaster, Narilka, Newru, Nyash, Palmaurian, and TeeniNeeni.