[Patch Notes] OBSKUR v3990

Published 1/3/2024

OBSKUR (v3990) is now live!

Game Source (BETA) is being launched fully as integrated into the Window Source!

You might notice that the Game Source is missing- that's because it's been removed as a unique source, and is now wrapping into the features of the Game / Window Source. (If you have a Game Source in your current Project, please replace it with a fresh Window Source.)

We've also been picking through our encoder. Some users were experiencing a very enthusiastic encoder that wanted to stay attached to Twitch (or RTMP sources)- it's behaving much better, especially in Recordings.

There's also going to be some changes in the Marketplace Tab. We've made it much easier to navigate and browse assets! Don't forget that you can see your Downloaded Assets (and redownload them) from the Inventory in the bottom left.

Audio Sources have also gotten some love- Audio Bars! Your audio sources have a little more control over their volume, playback, and scene muting. More to come for Audio Sources soon!

Character Creator has also seen performance updates- no more pesky lag on turning.

As always, we would love to see what you make in OBSKUR! Show us your Environments, Characters, and Creations in ⁠OBSKUR C⁠ommunity-General, and we might feature it in the Community Spotlight!

Patch Notes (OBSKUR v3990)

New or Improved Features:

  • Game Source Update:
    • Game Source features now in Window Source
  • Performance Updates:
    • Increased thread priorities
    • Improve video packet handling
    • Decreased buffers to save memory (RAM usage)
    • Improved texture memory usage
    • General engine optimizations
  • Added Keybinds for scenes
  • Audio Updates:
    • Audio Bars performance upgrade
    • Audio Bars redesign
      • Added Stereo Visual Feedback
    • Added a confirmation dialog on record button
  • Marketplace Updates:
    • Redesign for better browsing
    • Linked Twitch Extension in Interactions
    • Categories have their own pages
  • Characters Tab Updates:
    • UI Redesign for better navigation
    • Camera buttons hide when UI is hidden
    • Creator model has pelvis movement with VMC
    • Character delete now has confirmation dialog
    • Improved Facial Animation
    • Improved VMC performance
    • Added eyelash settings
    • Characters now have some braincells- you're welcome.
  • Added screen percentage (Render Resolution) slider to character camera option UI
  • Improved Leap Motion:
    • Improved elbows with leap motion
    • Added leapmotion delay & speed

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix crash on login window close
  • Fix crash on close from confirmation dialog
  • Improved Tooltip performance that was leading to crashes
  • Increased GPU latency to prevent stalls that can crash the app
  • Increased GPU priority for better FPS when gaming
  • OBSKUR now counts as foregrounded app
  • OBSKUR FPS now always capped to Settings value
  • Broadcast Tab:
    • Fixed bug with nesting Capture Cards in Scene Sources
    • Fixed Fonts not applying on load
    • Camera settings updated
    • Webcam audio adjustments to set webcam audio to None automatically
    • Audio output fixed for headphones with more than 2 channels
  • Marketplace Tab:
    • Added Forward and Back buttons to top bar
    • Fixed bug that caused a delay after purchasing an item before the button changed to download
    • Fixed bug that caused no assets to appear
  • Characters Tab:
    • Adjustment and character rotation optimizations
    • Fixed Importing VRM's with the Same Name Bug
    • Creator settings can be collapsed/re-expanded
    • Character names have tooltip and don't overlap
    • Fixed Asymmetry in Standing Mode
    • Fixed rare bug with VMC motion not being applied to the character
    • Fixed numerous face animation issues and eyelash issues and eye issues
    • Fixed ear pointiness option
    • Fixed materials on clothes
    • Fixed numerous gaps and clipping issues on shirt, hair, socks
    • Updated some broken character materials
    • Deleting character will go back to default character
    • Fixed camera button locations
    • Camera will maintain last location on reload
  • Environments Tab:
    • Unlit material option for environment sources
    • Fixed hex color input on environment actors
    • Changes to saving procedures to prevent corrupt saving of environments
    • Fixed chromakeying not automatically applying on level load
    • Fixed duplicate environment not loading
    • Environment source exposure fixed
    • Fixed web browsers in environments
    • Fixed media player aspect ratio
  • Interactions Tab:
    • Fixed asset properties for interactions

Upcoming Features:

  • Themes
  • Streamdeck support
  • Multichannel Audio Recording
  • CPU Performance improvements

** Please note: when using Window Source on Windows 10, your display will have a yellow frame around the recorded area- this is a Windows 10 safety feature, and cannot be disabled.**

Thank you to our Community for Contributing to our Success! *Improvements and bug fixes are made possible by our lovely community members! We greatly appreciate your time and dedication. You made these bug fixes possible: *

Cel, Chris (ETWJ), Clawmaster, Narilka, Newru, Nyash, Palmaurian, TeeniNeeni and Visci Vasay.