[Patch Notes] OBSKUR v4183

Published 2/8/2024

OBSKUR (v4183) is now live!

https://cdn.sanity.io/images/u7nok2wm/production/36f9d0442759763305397ae559ac56134535fdd7-1280x720.gif https://cdn.sanity.io/images/u7nok2wm/production/f774f19329ce349fe77285556886c89ab44968d8-329x1021.png

Stream Deck! New Interactions! Getting Started Wizard!

OBSKUR's got a new introduction panel- the Getting Started Wizard! On open after the update, your OBSKUR will walk you through a First Time Setup. Already done? Skip it and go back to streaming. Miss it? Find it in the Hamburger Menu in the top left, under Help.

You can use your Stream Deck to control parts of your Stream in OBSKUR! With the Stream Deck plugin, you can change your OBSKUR Environment Cameras, toggle the visibility of objects in your Environment, change Characters, and even change the camera angles outside of an Environment. More features are coming soon to the Stream Deck Plugin, but we were so excited that we wanted you to have it now!

Interactions can now also be used in the Character Cam Source! No need to have an Environment loaded to use those sweet interactions you've set up- now chat can trigger them as you play your favorite game. Don't want chat to trigger interactions, but you'd like to? Disable the Interaction and preview it in the Interactions Tab to make it streamer-only triggered.

Not using an Environment or 3D character? No problem! Adding the new broadcast Interaction Camera Source to your scene allows your audience to use 3D interactions right on top of your 2D scene.

As always, we've also spent a significant amount of time working on OBSKUR's efficiency when it comes to your CPU / GPU usage. Game Capture with OBSKUR will be much smoother, and way less system intensive!

Patch Notes (OBSKUR v4183)

New or Improved Features:

  • Overall Updates:
    • Stream Deck Support:
      • Stream Deck - Change Environment Camera
      • Stream Deck - Toggle Visibility of objects in Environments
      • Stream Deck - Change Character
      • Stream Deck - Change Character Camera
    • Interaction support for Character Cam Sources in Broadcast Tab
    • Reworked Character Tab for huge performance increases
    • Email Preferences added to user settings in OBSKUR.com
  • Broadcast Updates:
    • Added the Interaction Camera Source
      • Added character head as target point option
    • Added Twitch Details panel window
  • Performance Updates:
    • Level Editor won't take resources unless in the Environment Tab
    • Improved audio encoding
    • Disabled Antialiasing for Character Cam Source to remove ghosting
  • Marketplace Updates:
    • Scroll position saved during navigating in the Marketplace Tab
  • Character Updates:
    • Last Character used will reload on startup :slight_smile:
    • Reset Head Position added into Pose Menu
    • Added character camera profiles per character
    • Added Nose Shadow button
    • Moved Texture Selection for face detail to next to the line color
    • Added hold shift to move character customization slider slower
    • New hairstyles
    • Numerous hair updates to increase consistency across strand types and styles
    • Character Tab camera matches the broadcast colors
  • Environment Updates:
    • Camera post process options added
  • Interactions Updates:
    • Dice Roll Interaction
    • Coin Flip Interaction
    • Cup Flip Interaction
  • Help Tab Updates:
    • Improved load times for Help Tab
    • Added The Mocap Box Getting Started Tutorials
  • Features and Integrations:
    • Stream Deck Support

Bug Fixes:

  • Overall Updates:
    • Fixed issue with media causing CPU spikes
    • Fixed close issue with editable popup
  • Performance Updates:
    • Added option to shutdown browser on visibility change to save performance
    • Disabling character rendering when not in use
  • Broadcast Updates:
    • Stream info will update properly on change
    • Made dead space around Broadcast Preview less
    • Window capture will search for matching window name if OBSKUR closes, or capture starts before window exists
    • Fixed window capture resizing- also added button to force resize in source settings
    • Webcam stability fixes, handled no cameras and unplugging/reconnecting device
    • Webcam source size is now properly loaded from project file
    • Improvements opening/closing webcams
    • Fixed Stinger and Luma Wipe transitions
    • Media will use follow loop setting by default
    • Audio option Gain max changed from dB 10 to 30 for quieter setups
  • Character Updates:
    • Character Creator shadow colors are warmer, to work on a wider range of skin tones
    • Character camera reset defaults to the head location of the VRM
    • Customization eye highlight fix
    • Hide camera buttons when hiding the UI
    • Resolution Scale applies to both character tab and character source
    • Corrected Braided bangs
    • Corrected UVs of dreadlock hair pieces and changes to the stylized shader
  • Marketplace Updates:
    • Fixed redownloading items that have been updated
    • Navigating backwards keeps the correct page
    • Confusing numbering on Marketplace removed
    • Fixed Marketplace Numbering
    • Fixed Category Filters displaying incorrectly
  • Environment Updates:
    • Reordered the background for transparent interaction images.
    • Fixed color picker popup location
  • Interactions Updates:
    • Fixed interaction reset button to function as intended

Upcoming Features:

  • New Hairstyles
  • Marketplace Cart System

Thank you to our Community for Contributing to our Success! *Improvements and bug fixes are made possible by our lovely community members! We greatly appreciate your time and dedication. You made these bug fixes possible: *

Clawmaster, Narilka, Palmaurian, and Visci Vasay.