What is VTubing? and The Benefits.

Published 2/12/2024

VTubing is when content creators use virtual avatars, often animated characters or personas to live stream on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Kick and create online content in general that is not live streamed such as social media posts.

These avatars are animated in real-time using motion capture technology or animation software, which lets creators interact with their audience while portraying a specific character and keeping their own privacy.

Here are the main benefits of becoming a VTuber:

  1. Creativity and Flexibility: VTubing allows creators to explore their creativity by embodying different characters or personas, regardless of their real appearance. This opens up opportunities for storytelling, world-building, and exploring diverse content ideas without limitations imposed by physical appearances. This also allows for unique back stories, interesting outfits, cool environments, expressions, emotes and more.

  2. Anonymity, Privacy & Accessibility: For creators who prefer to keep their privacy or separate their personal lives from their online presence, VTubing offers a way to engage with audiences on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Kick and more without revealing their real identities. If you happen to feel shy or uncomfortable appearing on camera, VTubing is also a great choice since it creates a more inclusive space for content creators to participate in online communities.

  3. Audience Engagement: Animated avatars can be highly expressive, leading to engaging and entertaining content that captivates audiences. This can encourage viewers to interact more with their content and character through chats, emotes, sound alerts, environmental interaction options and more.

  4. Branding, Marketing & Global Reach: VTubers can create distinct brand identities through their avatars and character lore, making for a unique and recognizable persona that resonates with people. Some examples of this are Kizuna AI and Gawr Gura.

Kizuna AI, one of the pioneering Virtual YouTubers, embodies the persona of an energetic and curious AI. Her brand identity revolves around being an approachable and entertaining digital companion, offering a mix of gaming, vlogs, and interactive content. The lore of Kizuna AI revolves around her evolving self-awareness and the exploration of her virtual existence, creating a narrative that blurs the lines between artificial intelligence and human emotion.

Image source: Wikipedia

Gawr Gura, a member of the virtual talent agency Hololive, is a shark-themed Vtuber known for her laid-back and humorous personality. Her brand identity centers around being a cute and relatable shark girl who enjoys gaming and chatting with her audience. Gura's lore involves her being an ancient and powerful shark who has adapted to the modern world, blending elements of fantasy and comedy in her content to create a unique and endearing character.

Image source: Wikipedia

VTubers can also cross language and cultural barriers, reaching a global audience. This can lead to increased opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and merchandising.

Some examples of this are Mori Calliope and Inugami Korone from Hololive.

Mori Calliope, a rapper and reaper in Hololive, showcases how VTubers can transcend cultural boundaries through music. As an English-speaking VTuber, Mori incorporates both English and Japanese in her content, engaging with a bilingual audience. Her music, including original songs and covers, provides a unique medium to connect with fans globally, as music is a universal language that can be appreciated regardless of linguistic or cultural differences.

Image source: Hololive

Inugami Korone, known for her infectious enthusiasm and playful demeanor, has effectively crossed language barriers through her emotive expressions and universal gaming content. While primarily a Japanese-speaking VTuber, Korone's love for video games transcends language, allowing her to connect with a global audience. Her adorable reactions, combined with the visual appeal of her dog-like character, make her content enjoyable and relatable across cultural backgrounds, fostering an international fanbase.

Image source: Hololive

  1. Technological Innovation: VTubing encourages the use and development of motion capture technology, animation software, and other innovative tools.

For example, SlimeVR is an open-source community-created motion capture system where people can buy or build their own motion capture for VTubing and Virtual Reality.

Image source: Crowd Supply

LucasTech Gloves is an open-source glove for VTubing and Virtual Reality that can be built from home. It also can have haptic feedback. Innovative tools are becoming more community-driven, meaning people can have higher-quality content since technology is becoming more and more accessible. There is no better time to become a VTuber since a lot of the technology and software is open source, or free, or reaching the consumer market.

Image source: Hackaday

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